We can protect your assets.

Whether at work or at home,
our main goal is to protect your assets.

Just ask to protect

Alart Signaling

Get an instant alert on unusual activities or any accident. Phone call alerts, SMS alert, email alert, signaling system are available.

Daily report

Get daily reports on hourly activity. The on-demand special person or special area or special object surveillance report available.

Pay only for hours

Don't need to hire some responsible person with a monthly salary. Pay us only for the working hours.

Whay Us?

✓ Save huge setup cost for surveillance system.
✓ Get an instant alert on your email, phone call SMS, and signaling system.
✓ Get a daily hourly basis report on unusual activities.
✓ Save money with your payment.
✓ Protect your assets in your absence with a security officer.
✓ Data confidential guaranteed.
✓ Dedicated security officer for your assets.

Services For

Choose an asset for this service

Home CCTV System

Office Surveillance

Car Parking Surveillance

Restaurants or coffee shop Surveillance

Industrial or Warehouse Security

Store or Mall Security

How Does Work

Just follow some secure steps to secure your assets:
1. Choose your assets.
2. Explore your needs.
3. SOP discussion and Security agreement.
4. Share access control or cardinal.
5. Two-step verification to start the operation.